Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Crazy mobile apps...

Well I figures since I seem to spend more time with the phone then I do with the computer that  I would install the blogger app so I could post here and there and such.  Well as you can tell from the last update it posted 1 out of the 5 pictures  I tried.  So here are some pictures since October.

Since we moved here  I decided to do fall pictures with the kids and then I turn them in to a collage for  the grandparents and for us.  So the first 8 pictures are from the 150 I took  to get a few good ones for it.


BB the bull

little ones shirt supporting sissys and his future school

found this critter on my front porch

Amanda's  Inside out rollo cake  She won most creative with it at her class bake off

he thinks he ready to go feed

this was  the morning  sunrise the day after the hike home with  with little one when the  4 wheeler ran out of gas.  The seat was frosted over but this sunrise made it worth while.

new place to nap

looks like we need to dehorn  some cows

spring flowers

Amanda's science fair   ( was just the 6th grade class)

his new favorite thing   Dig dig dig

 he loves his cows

cc with thunder in the back

Cappy and little one

The cows with yellow tags are ours the rest excpect the bull is Hubbys brother

reading spot