Wow, this year is flying by...  So to catch you all up since I am 2 years behind on this.  So first off the kids are a freshman and a pre-K'er.  We have adopted a kitten that was dumped around our house. She is quite the little troublemaker/spitfire but so loveable and wants to be loved on.   It's calving season.  Now on top of all that we just bought 10 acres of land with a house that sat in the middle of our farm.  The house needs lots of work from not being shut up properly for 2 years.  I started a page to show the slow transformation of the place.  But that is where we are.  Both kids are loving school.  Kiddo is in Thespian and art clubs and I must say we are so proud of her.  The only freshmen in the math class of  Jr's and Sophomores also she is in Honors English and History.  Straight A's for our girl so far.  Little One loves school, all the ladies get a kick out of him as he does this thing where he raises his eyebrows its a riot.  But he is such a gentleman…

Montana Trip June 2016


Crazy mobile apps...

Well I figures since I seem to spend more time with the phone then I do with the computer that  I would install the blogger app so I could post here and there and such.  Well as you can tell from the last update it posted 1 out of the 5 pictures  I tried.  So here are some pictures since October.

Since we moved here  I decided to do fall pictures with the kids and then I turn them in to a collage for  the grandparents and for us.  So the first 8 pictures are from the 150 I took  to get a few good ones for it.


BB the bull

little ones shirt supporting sissys and his future school
found this critter on my front porch
Amanda's  Inside out rollo cake  She won most creative with it at her class bake off

he thinks he ready to go feed